As a school bus driver, I am blessed with regularly scheduled time off. These days off are why I became a bus driver in the first place. They give us time to do our favourite pastime: TRAVEL!

During my time off, better known as March Break, we passed through Bedford on our way to Virginia Beach. We picked up a brochure about Bedford and, after viewing it, vowed to return.  

We had the opportunity to return during the final PD Day of the school year. Three days off was what we needed to explore this region of Pennsylvania. I would start to build a map and an itinerary, and to my delight, Old Bedford Village just happened to have a Civil War reenactment that weekend.

The Google Map for Marching Our Way To Bedford, PA, can be found here.

The itinerary is free to view and can be used for personal vacation planning. We stayed very true to this plan, and it was a great weekend. I have been posting our experiences at these locations to see what you can expect if you follow this plan.


Summer Road Trip

Today is the day I have planned for on our summer road trip since January. With only hours away, I am packed and waiting for Charlene to finish work.   This summer, we head to the East Coast. I started to build the itinerary months ago…

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