Niagara Flowers – Ontario

Niagara Flowers – Ontario



Niagara region in Ontario is the one place I have taken my wife more often. It is full of natural beauty and wonder. One of the best qualities is the sheer number of flowers: Spring tulips, summer roses, and autumn floral displays.

Each spring, we make sure that Niagara is the first place we visit for the blooming of the trees and flowers. We would then go to Toronto the following week and finish with the Tulip Festival in Ottawa. I call this activity "Chasing Flowers". The climate is such that the warmth slowly creeps north at a relatively predictable rate, and we follow it to get the most out of the flowers. Cherry trees, daffodils, magnolia, tulips, and many other flowers bloom in the spring.


The first place we stop is Queenston Heights.  There are numerous displays of spring bulbs and several trees that flower. But what is also at this site are some significant monuments commemorating Canadian history, particularly the War of 1812. Laura Secord and General Brock are memorialized at this spot. There is also a monument honouring the Indian Allies and their contribution to preserving Upper Canada from invasion. It is a beautiful park that is well maintained and popular. It includes a spectacular view of the Niagara River, forming the border between Canada and the United States.

A short drive from this location is Floral Clock. I remember this place as a kid when my parents first brought me here. Sharing the same parking lot is a lilac garden that gives one of my favourite fragrances. 

Just a little bit up the road is the Niagara Parks Botanical Garden. After paying for parking, entry is free and updated for each season. Many bulbs are planted for the spring, which is our favourite place to visit. Tulips are Charlene's favourite flowers, and there is an overabundance in this location. Do not be distracted when you see fencing. Several times we thought we could not enter an area only to find a gate. This fencing is to stop the deer from eating the bulbs. Not just in spring, but there are plenty of flowers to see all summer and fall. There are themed areas and an extensive arboretum. It is possible to spend hours here exploring everything.

Butterfly Conservatory is the centre of this botanical garden. This is a paid entry but is so very worth it. The number of butterflies is staggering. I have never seen so many before, and is a must-visit if you like these winged creatures and the displays of plants inside this greenhouse. I loved it here. Sadly, Charlene did not feel the same. She is a bit terrified of bugs, and the idea of having them land on her was not her cup of tea. Almost like me visiting a snake house and having snakes land on me. 

Ewww. No way.

I can certainly sympathize. 

Almost across the road is Niagara Glen. Niagara is the honeymoon capital of the world, and, yes, Charlene and I had our honeymoon here as well. The first place we went to was Niagara Glen. Although the only flowers you might see are wild ones, the main attraction here is the river and the gorge. There is a sturdy staircase that takes you down to the bottom. There are several routes that can be followed. If you take the whirlpool path to the end, you will have to go through tiny but refreshing waterfalls. It was a small falls, but it was the first time we crossed through a falls, and the experience was memorable. 

It is a small drive to the city of Niagara, home to the falls and to more floral sights. All along the way between American Falls and Horseshoe Falls are many areas for floral displays. Planters and gardens and even naturalized ones will strike your senses. Queen Victoria Park has seasonal flowers, including spring bulbs and a rose garden. 

One of our favourite stops for flowers, when we are in Niagara, is the Floral Showhouse. Entry here is paid admission. I brought my mother here one summer and reminded her of the place called Cullen Gardens. Now long gone, it was a place of exquisite garden displays and full of miniature buildings. It is also the only place that I remember visiting multiple times as a child meaning my parents loved this spot too. Cullen Gardens is no more, but some of the buildings are on display here at Floral Showcase. This place is extra special at Christmas, featuring one of the best poinsettia displays we have ever seen. It is worth the price of admission, although it is a relatively small location.

Niagara is our favourite area. Being lovers of waterfalls, the natural beauty of this area keeps us coming every year. Recently Niagara added a fall event with floral displays throughout the city. Many were within walking distance of each other, and we toured them all on a warm autumn day. I hope they bring this back every year.


I created a FLOWER MAP that shows these and many other locations for flowering trees, flower gardens and greenhouses. This map will constantly be updated when I find more places worth visiting.




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