It is the first day our epic trip to see Alaska.  Day one includes waking up at an ungodly hour and getting a huge head start on the drive.  I have always wanted to travel the entire length of Highway 11 here in Ontario, and today I will complete most of it.

Our plans for today:

  • High Rock Lookout to watch the sunrise (we have seen so many sunsets but not rises)
  • Wasi rapids
  • Black Forest Park
  • Pine Rock Motel for a photo op.
  • Thronloe Cheese for some curd
  • Artic Watershed marker for a photo op
  • Swan Lake Rest Area to pee
  • 20 Foot Tall Guy-Paul Treefall for a photo op
  • Moonbean UFO
  • Ron Morel Memorial Museum
  • Reesor Siding Memorial
  • Missinaibi River for a photo op
  • Fushimi Lake Provincial Park to eat and sleep


St Patrick Basilica

One of our favourite places to visit is religious sites. We love shrines, churches, cathedrals and, in this case, St Patrick Basilica in Ottawa, Ontario. We were celebrating Family Day with Mom and decided that our weekend would be in the Ottawa region. Mom, too,…

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