It is the first day our epic trip to see Alaska.  Day one includes waking up at an ungodly hour and getting a huge head start on the drive.  I have always wanted to travel the entire length of Highway 11 here in Ontario, and today I will complete most of it.

Our plans for today:

  • High Rock Lookout to watch the sunrise (we have seen so many sunsets but not rises)
  • Wasi rapids
  • Black Forest Park
  • Pine Rock Motel for a photo op.
  • Thronloe Cheese for some curd
  • Artic Watershed marker for a photo op
  • Swan Lake Rest Area to pee
  • 20 Foot Tall Guy-Paul Treefall for a photo op
  • Moonbean UFO
  • Ron Morel Memorial Museum
  • Reesor Siding Memorial
  • Missinaibi River for a photo op
  • Fushimi Lake Provincial Park to eat and sleep


Summer Road Trip

Today is the day I have planned for on our summer road trip since January. With only hours away, I am packed and waiting for Charlene to finish work.   This summer, we head to the East Coast. I started to build the itinerary months ago…

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