Yorkville had its twice-a-year Fleur Des Ville exhibit.  This is quickly becoming a tradition to see these floral displays throughout the community.  I had decided to take my mother to see these exquisite arrangements.  One of the stops was Gardiner Museum. 

This was a perfect stop for my mother on this Mother’s Day walk in Toronto.  We both love art, and we are both familiar with ceramics.  In fact, everyone is aware of ceramics if they have plates and bowls in their kitchen.  Gardiner Museum is all about the history, beauty and art of ceramics.

There are rotating exhibits at this museum. We were impressed by the style and detail of Meso-American clay sculptures. Then it became more apparent when we read the place card beside them, appreciating their age and how they survived. 

Ceramics are useful in many people’s lives, but sometimes artistic inspiration exists.  One of the galleries does show some of the more interesting art that some people have made.  Another gallery mixes art with function with fancy table settings.  A collection of figurines are on display as well.  

But the piece-de-resistance was a table setting.  It happened to be the final room for us to enter, and my mom was gobsmacked with it.  As I was taking pictures, I accidentally set off an alarm.  Oops!

Gardiner Museum is a small museum which specializes in one main theme.  It does it very well and is worth the moderate admission price.  We spent just over an hour walking the floors.

  • Located in the downtown section of Toronto, there is very limited street parking but plenty of garage parking.
  • Moderate entry fee.
  • Exhibits do rotate, so a repeat visit later in the year will show new displays.
  • Plenty of other attractions within walking distance from here.
  • Hours of operation are very accommodating for anyone wishing the tour this museum or the area.
  • As with all the places we have visited, this location is shown on my Featured Map.


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