I am a spare bus driver.  I fill in for other drivers who cannot do their run for whatever reason.  It sometimes means I have no idea where I am going on any given day.  In one week, I did seven different routes.  

This week has been unusual for me because I have had the same route in the morning and afternoon.  I start my morning like any other.  I check my bus, fuel it, check my maps and route directions obsessively, and begin driving.  

I have done this route before.  It is much easier to repeat the same route because I know where I am going, and I do not have to panic about missing a turn or, even worse, a kid.  I approached my next stop.  I turned on the flashing lights.  Stop.  Open the door.  Say hello and wait for the kid to sit.  This particular child recognized me and sat behind me with children of similar ages.

He speaks to his bus-mates immediately about buying chickens.

Oh God, I am on the chicken bus.  I was doing this very run a few months ago, and the kids became obsessed with chickens.  Just browse my Facebook posts or go on TravelsWithStacey.com to refresh your memory.

This future chicken farmer talked about the chicken he was going to buy.  All the stuff that is needed for chickens.  One child tried to interject with facts about her hamster, but the boy quickly returned the group to his chicken dreams.  He continued with buying a cow.  

Wait a second! How could a cow possibly help with chickens? I had thought to myself.

The boy answered my unspoken thought, stating he would sell the milk to buy more chickens.

Good thought, I said to myself quietly. 

The boy talked more about the various animals he would buy, but at this point on my route, I needed to pay attention to the traffic, so I missed what a goat could do and how a horse would benefit his dream of a chicken empire.

Kids are cute.  It is amazing what goes through their minds.  Did I have similar dreams?  Did I have similar plans all laid out for me? Was I just waiting for the right time to fulfil them?  I honestly do not remember.

I am going to be on this route for a week or more.  I cannot wait to hear more about chickens and why he is so obsessed with them.


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