Hanna’s Chute is one of those places I strangely kept overlooking. It could be because it was called a chute and not a fall, or perhaps I could never find any information on it. Thankfully, I finally stopped at this place. 

Hanna Chute is a narrow connection between a lake and a river it drains into. The restriction causes the water to rush through with an exaggerated amount of force and is very much a sight to be seen. If you had to describe an emotion to a water flow, it would be anger.

This chute, located just south of Bracebridge, is easy to get to but not easy to see. One side is blocked with a fence, and the other is treacherous if you are not watching your step and paying attention.

I brought Charlene here on one of our winter excursions into waterfall territory. She questioned me on why I kept missing this place.  She loves powerful waterfalls, and this one is an incredible example of power.

Charlene enjoying the raw power of the water flowing from the dam

This site is impressive in its power, but because of the ruggedness and that it is a hydroelectric plant, it only offers a little in the way of exploration. Still, WOW! is the best way to describe our experience.

 A different view of the chute. As you can see, there is a sheer cliff on one side that you will need to be careful of. The green pipe is for a hydroelectric dam.

As with all the sites I have visited, this one can be found on my Featured Map.



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