We love flowers, and one of our favourites is tulips. When I was a kid, there were only red tulips. Then yellow ones appeared one year, and now, there are over 3,000 known varieties of tulips.

When planning a trip to see a tulip festival, I discovered Holland, Michigan. This small Dutch town on the edge of Lake Michigan celebrates its heritage each year with a large tulip display. So, I made an itinerary to see this flourish of colours. Below is the itinerary I will be following, and it is available for anyone to use on their own personal trip to Holland.

Officially, the Tulip Festival is the first weekend of May, but tulips can bloom the week before or the week after. Timing this event is key, and the weather needs to be nice, too. Considering that tulips bloom every year, it is easy to repurpose this itinerary each season.

Google Map of the destinations to see in Holland.


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