Along the Hudson River are so many great places to explore and learn.  We were able to briefly touch this region on our return home from New York City.  Like so many mansions in this area, it was built to be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of New York City but close enough to still be able to do business there.

When we arrived, it was decorated for Christmas.  Some places like to decorate according to how it would have been trimmed during its era.  We have been to a number of sites of historic nature only to discover that Christmas decorations in the past were maybe a tree and a wreath or two.  We love Christmas, and we put up seven trees in our home.  To see that Lyndhurst went all out was a treat!!!

We were graced to be part of the mansion tour and were guided by the group we were in with a knowledgeable tour guide.  The people that once lived here appreciated art and sculpture, and for an opulent mansion, it felt like a home.  Many other mansions have a “Look at me, how rich and powerful I am” feel to them, and they lack the warmth of a home that so many of us are used to.  Lyndhurst was a home, but a home for a wealthy family.

It was gorgeous.

The Christmas decorations were arranged wonderfully, and there was so much to look at.  

As we passed through room by room, we learned of the families that lived here.  We would learn of the changes to the building and to society itself.  There is a skeleton of a large greenhouse on the grounds that once provided the plants and flowers.  Situated on the Hudson River, it has easy access to New York City.   All of this was hard to listen to because I was so enamoured with the spectacle of art and Christmas.

We arrived during the period between Christmas and New Years.  The mansion was open, and after the tour we could explore the grounds, but being the beginning of winter, so much of it was dormant.  I doubted there would be many roses to see now.  It is the occasional drawback when visiting great locations; what is offered in one season, means the other aspects are not there.  We would learn of their springtime flower display.  Instead of Christmas decorations, it would be flowers.  Considering the pictures I have seen, this place will be on my list of locations to revisit.

  • The location of this mansion can be found on my Featured Map.  This map shows all the places we have been that are worth visiting.  You will not be disappointed with Lyndhurst.
  • There is admission to the grounds and for the mansion tours.  
  • Various events throughout the year will keep you coming back.
  • Lots of picture opportunities.
  • It can get to be very popular for these events, so book tickets early.


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