When we decided where to spend our summer holidays, I started to make an itinerary of the places we would see. I kept finding things to do in Quebec and realized that we were spending too much time there, so much so that we could not complete the journey I wanted. The goal was a tour along the east coast of Canada and part of the USA. I had to set that itinerary aside and start a new one.

I hate throwing a plan away.

I have a lot of work to do on these itineraries—research, path-finding, timing, parking, cost, opening hours, and even when and where to eat.

I completed this itinerary in hopes that we would be able to spend some time in Quebec one summer.

The question is…


When can we visit the Trois-Rivières area, which has churches, culture, waterfalls and incredible scenic views? When can we visit Trois-Rivières, where my favourite poutine place, Fromagerie Victoria, is located?  

The itinerary allows us to visit Fromagerie Victoria three times if we want. It is tempting—believe me, it is very tempting—to go three times.  

If the time ever arrives, the map for this trip, which I call Visiting the Province Who Gave Us Poutine (plus checking out all their other great attractions), can be found here.

If you can use this map and plan before me, let me know how it went.


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