They say hindsight is 20/20. Looking back on my life, I am glad I have made a few decisions.

Today, March 23, 2024, marks three significant events. It is two thousand and twenty days since I had my surgery, which has so radically changed my life. Charlene and I are celebrating six years of marriage, and this happens to be the 25th year we will know each other.

In 1999, on a cool spring morning in the Walmart parking lot, I was in the front seat of a van, and Charlene was in the back. We were carpooling for training at a new job. Little did I know that she would majorly impact my life.

Eventually, we would become friends and then lovers. She saved me. Many, many times, she has saved me from one thing or another, including saving my life. We developed a bond, and I knew I could go through with a risky operation, knowing she was going to be by my side for every minute of it.

I am truly grateful for today. Two and a half decades of Charlene and me only makes me desire more decades together. Life is beautiful because of my wife.

Happy anniversary.


USS Wisconsin

When planning my Virginia Beach road trip for March Break, I noticed many military bases. In fact, the campsite that we were staying at warned us that there is an active base beside it. During our stay, we would hear helicopters, jets, and other loud vehicles.…

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