Washington, D.C. has been on my travel hit list for some time now.  But, it is a little far for us to make the drive worth the effort.  

That changed when our plans to visit New Brunswick fell through and there was no way I was not going to travel when I was already planning on travelling.  So, I whipped up a map and an itinerary to this great Capital of the United States of America.

As with all of my planned trips, there are unplanned elements to it.  We sometimes have to skip a stop or add in a new location or two, which will not be reflected in these map and itinerary.  Travel is about the experience and sometimes the experience takes us to other places that we had not planned.

We would spend a brief four days traveling to, in and back from D.C. and that is nowhere near enough time to take it all in.  We can easily spend a week here and still have more to visit for two more vacations.

Our trip can be seen as a good introduction to what there is in the D.C. area.  

To view the map I created, click here.


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