It is the very moment when I cross into the United States that I begin to crave a poutine. We have yet to find a location in the USA that serves poutine – it is almost unheard of there.

Then, there is being near Quebec. My urge to get a poutine is even greater. I am so close to the finest poutine I have ever experienced that I will plan my trips around a stop for my favourite poutine – Fromagerie Victoria.

Years ago, when we first ventured into the province of Quebec, we stopped at Victoriaville. The intention was to eat from the Chinese restaurant attached to the motel, but it was no longer open. I checked my Google Maps and saw that a few blocks away was a poutine restaurant called Fromagerie Victoria. I checked the photos that people submitted and saw that the poutines looked like a reasonable size.  

Being our first vacation in Quebec, where this delicacy was invented, I had already been to a few poutine places. La Belle Province was sadly disappointing. Montreal Poutine was nice, especially since they allowed customization of the meal. In my opinion, we had explored this Quebec culinary delight enough on this trip, but it was the only option left to eat that night.

We walked into this restaurant, not knowing that I would become obsessed with their offerings. It was popular and hard to find a seat. With my very limited French, I placed our order and waited.  

It was HUGE! A medium poutine is an enormous feast, soaked in gravy and with fresh pieces of curd that squeaked loudly with each bite. It was amazing.

No other poutine comes close to size, value, taste, and did I say size? Fromagerie Victoria is my only go-to place when I enter Quebec, and if I am near enough to one, I will make every effort to find a way to visit.

Fromagerie Victoria does offer a variety of other offerings, like pasta, pizza, and a variety of ice creams, but we only go there for the poutine. We can get those items anywhere, but a poutine of this calibre is only in Quebec.


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