Family Day was born in Canada when there was a need for a long weekend to celebrate something. For my wife and I, we have this time off.

And what better way to celebrate Family Day than with family? We invited Mom to come along.  

We start on Friday night right after I get home, and it’s a long drive to Smith Falls. There, we will stay the night and begin our exploration of the region for the weekend.

I am really looking forward to this trip; the map of where we will be going can be found here.

Feel free to use this plan for your own personal trip to the Ottawa area. Below is the itinerary for our trip:


USS Wisconsin

When planning my Virginia Beach road trip for March Break, I noticed many military bases. In fact, the campsite that we were staying at warned us that there is an active base beside it. During our stay, we would hear helicopters, jets, and other loud vehicles.…

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