I do not understand.

How can something so ugly be art?

How can something so meaningless be inspiring?

Years back, we finally decided to get our passports, and I began exploring the multitude of places to visit on our first visit outside of Canada. One of the places that I wanted to include on our first trip to the USA itinerary was the Buffalo AKG Art Museum. I was not able to fit it into our schedule. I then learned that a week later, it closed for a rather long time for renovations.  

Then I was exploring things to do in Detroit, recently. I was looking at the Detroit Institute of Art and saw their membership benefits. The DIA belongs to the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM) and the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM). I would peruse the list of places that we could visit for free with membership, and we drove to Detroit to sign up. Buffalo AKG Art Museum was on that list and was a prime selling feature for me to purchase a membership.  

After a long wait, AKG finally reopened, and all I needed was a reason to go to Buffalo. I was eager in my drive to this long-awaited museum of art.

Unfortunately, it was an immediate disappointment.

Buffalo AKG Art Museum is a popular location for many people. We discovered just how many people go to this museum and seem to really enjoy it. We saw groups meeting up with each other. People enjoy the on-site cafe, and couples enjoy the displays of art and even discuss how this one piece captures the vibrations of the air and light in the room.

My wife and I were aghast!

Are these people looking at the same thing that we are? All I see is stuff I would throw away in the garbage and certainly not gawk at it endlessly.

We saw art that, if I submitted to school as a project, I would have failed miserably. But, here at AKG, there are entire wings of this museum that are filled with this art.

I just do not understand.

That may be all it is.

There is a need to understand why people find this contemporary stuff appealing. Nothing grabs me when I see this other than “Why?”

Why would anyone create this?

Why would anyone think this is good?

Why would someone pay good money for this?

Why would they proudly display it on their wall?

I was incredibly disappointed with this museum. I would like some good stuff to look at. Charlene and I love Fine Art, and we find the occasional gallery with a great display of Contemporary Art. I will not be visiting AKG anytime soon.

Too bad.

We have a year-long membership for this and many other places.


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