We have been busy travelling. We just came back from a week-long visit to Virginia Beach. Ten days before that, we were in Cleveland for a three-day weekend. Then, just days before Cleveland, there was Ottawa. And we are about to travel again.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is our next destination this upcoming Easter weekend. On a three-day journey to this city, I seriously debated whether we should camp or hotel there.

We love camping. We camped for most of our time in Virginia Beach. During the days, we were overdressed, and I wished we had shorts. But at night, we froze.

Fort Wayne’s weather is just as cold at night as Virginia Beach’s, but the days do not warm up at all. Plus, with some rain and the accompanying dampness, I decided we would not be having fun and paid the extra for hotel rooms.

Too bad camping adds to the experience of travelling.

This will be our first adventure to this part of the USA. We are only a week away before leaving!

Link to the Google Map of Easter in Fort Wayne.


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