It is that fantastic time of year again when nature sings out in colours via the Fall Foliage!

The annual change of the leaves attracts many people to go out and view the spectacle.  But when is the best time to view them?

Fortunately, every state and province has a webpage devoted to forecasting autumn’s change.  Below are a few links to the places within my circle of travel.  

Autumn is the time of year when the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. There are many places to visit to see these changing colours, with some destinations even being famous for their annual display of different shades of red and orange foliage. Join me on a trip around North America to discover some of the best destinations to head to this autumn…and view the Fall Foliage

Enjoy the view, and happy travels!

Pennsylvania – weekly email updates.

Ohio – a map and YouTube updates.

Michigan – a map that is updated regularly.

Quebec – a map that is updated regularly.

Ontario – a map that is updated regularly.

New York – weekly email updates starting mid-September.

Vermont – weekly email updates.

West Virginia – email and map updates.

As the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees, we know that autumn is officially here. While some people dread the cooler temperatures and shorter days, others love everything about fall, including the beautiful foliage. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with stunning fall colors, make sure to get out and enjoy them before it’s too late!


Husky the Muskie

I love mini-stops.  These are places where I put into our itinerary when we are travelling.  Generally, it is a quick stop to look at something, snap a picture, and away we go to the next destination.  But sometimes, a mini-stop turns into something bigger.…

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