If you are Canadian or have used Canadian currency, you would have noticed two very important men on the five dollar and fifty dollar bills.  At Laurier House National Historic Site, you will tour the home that was once owned by both of these prominent Canadian figures.

Wilfrid Laurier was a French Canadian. He served this country for 45 years, of which 15 were Prime Minister. He stayed at this home, which is now a museum. During his political career, he became a mentor to William Lyon Mackenzie King, who would have a long career in politics. His home would be given to King. Today, this house is a tribute to Canada’s two long-serving politicians.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the warm nature of the home.  It was not large compared to some of the houses we visited, but it was ornate and beautiful.  Our tour guide took us from one room to another, speaking first of Wilfred Laurier and then of Mackenzie King, who later resided there, keeping most of it as it was left to him.  

One of the prized jewels of this home is that it housed one of the first elevators in Ottawa.  We missed the white glove tour, where we could touch some of the artifacts.  This added treat would have been amazing to do since no other location allows the handling of their items.    

When we toured this location, I had no idea who any of these men were and their impact on Canadian society and history.  I would later discover that other tourist locations are open that celebrate King’s and Laurier’s contributions both in Quebec and Ontario.  A fascinating step back in history.

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This location, and every other one I have visited, can be found on a free custom Google Map.  Feel free to download it and see what other locations are near you.


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