Who doesn’t love flowers?

Who doesn’t love paying admission to one place and getting free admission to hundreds of other locations?

I have wanted to get a membership to Royal Botanical Garden for some time now.  We pass by it almost all the time whenever we are travelling.  It is conveniently located to be the first stop or the last stop on a day or weekend journey.  Plus, it is Canada’s largest botanical garden, and we have benefitted several times with hikes and trails and plenty of waterfalls in the Hamilton area.

We wanted to do something on the weekend, and as I was figuring it out, my draw to RBG kept returning.  I noticed a frog display happening and saw the other yearly events.  I was hooked.  I will fork over the membership price to keep coming repeatedly.  When we arrived to purchase a membership, I discovered that it came with a reciprocal program.  

I have seen these at other attractions, mainly museums, and just ignored them.  Not sure why, but it did.  Then I discovered how extensive the Reciprocal Admissions Program was and haven’t looked back.  Some of the places included in the membership with RBG also included places that we have been to (and want to return to) and places we want to go.  For the price of one membership, I now have a membership to hundreds of other locations.

I had to create a map.  Reciprocal Admissions Program map was created listing all the places included in the membership.  This is a handy tool because I have used this map in planning other big trips, like our upcoming trip to Alaska.  Whenever I am looking for something to do for the day, weekend or week, I can look at this map and plan a route to these attractions and other places we can visit.

Combining the Reciprocal Admissions Program map with my Flowers and Trees map, and Featured Map, I can get a good head start on planning our next getaway.  I often use these maps and provide them for you to start planning your next trip.  


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