We are planning a big trip to Alaska where we will most of the time tenting instead of hoteling. Tents and campsites are much cheaper than a hotel, plus being in a campsite, out among the stars (and mosquitos) enhances the experience. Hotels are boring, compared to setting up a tent, cooking our food, watching the fire and falling asleep wand waking to the chorus of birds in the morning.

I needed to test out a new tent that I had bought for this trip. It claims to be able to set up in 10 minutes and is very dark on the inside. The best way to test a tent, is to go tenting. We did that with this trip. Bright and early, on a Saturday morning, we started our drive to Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Naturally, we did stops on the way.


  • Max Tanenbaum Sculpture Garden
  • The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
  • The Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden
  • Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre
  • Art Gallery of Northumberland

At Presqu’ile:

  • Horse Trees of Presqu’ile
  • Marsh Boardwalk
  • Beach and sunset viewing
  • Sand Dunes
  • Lighthouse and giftshop/museum
  • Other hiking trails


  • Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area which included lookouts, lighthouse, hikes and more
  • Moses Hudgin Log House
  • Mariners Park Museum
  • Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park
  • Birdhouse City
  • Reid’s Dairy
  • Royal Botanical Garden

This was meant to be a relaxing trip where we had a lot of time to explore each location and even just sit and watch the waves on this windy weekend. I am happy to say that the tent was up and ready in 15 minutes and this is a major improvement to the previous tent of 1 hour. Take down, including packing, breakfast and loading the car was only 45 minutes. I normally set aside two hours for this and now we can either get that extra sleep, or add in a new stop or two in our upcoming journey to Alaska and back.

A map of this weekend trip can be seen here.


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