Being in the presence of greenery, especially flowers has a measurable effect on people. I, for one, enjoy looking for and looking at flowers of all kinds.

When I was a kid, there was only one type of daffodil. Slowly, a new variety arrived. Then a few more, and new varieties are popping forth each spring. I am convinced that my favourite flower is now the daffodil.

Included are some of the pictures that I have found that have daffodils.  Many places we have visited are free and included in my Flowers and Trees map.  Travelling is meant to be a wonderful experience, and being in the presence of flowers certainly enhances that.


Husky the Muskie

I love mini-stops.  These are places where I put into our itinerary when we are travelling.  Generally, it is a quick stop to look at something, snap a picture, and away we go to the next destination.  But sometimes, a mini-stop turns into something bigger.…

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