Being in the presence of greenery, especially flowers has a measurable effect on people. I, for one, enjoy looking for and looking at flowers of all kinds.

When I was a kid, there was only one type of daffodil. Slowly, a new variety arrived. Then a few more, and new varieties are popping forth each spring. I am convinced that my favourite flower is now the daffodil.

Included are some of the pictures that I have found that have daffodils.  Many places we have visited are free and included in my Flowers and Trees map.  Travelling is meant to be a wonderful experience, and being in the presence of flowers certainly enhances that.


St Patrick Basilica

One of our favourite places to visit is religious sites. We love shrines, churches, cathedrals and, in this case, St Patrick Basilica in Ottawa, Ontario. We were celebrating Family Day with Mom and decided that our weekend would be in the Ottawa region. Mom, too,…

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