If Charlene tells the story, it was a grizzly bear, and I was moving the car, and that is why the picture is blurred and out of focus. But anyone who knows cryptozoology knows the truth.

I know the truth!

When we first entered the north, there was signage that we were entering Bigfoot Territory. I scoffed. Bigfoot, or sasquatch, are only found in the States. There is no Bigfoot here in the Canadian North.

Then today happened.

Today, I became a believer.

Today, I encountered Bigfoot.

We are driving along Robert Campbell Highway. It is a windy dirt road that travels between beautiful mountains. I had stopped several times to admire the scenery. We came across an area that recently had a wildfire, and I stopped to look at the flowers. I get back in the car and start driving.

I freakishly scream out, “What is that on the road?”

Charlene is fumbling with the phone to get a picture.

My skepticism is forever gone as I stare at this grizzled menace as it flees into the woods.

Charlene will forever claim it was a grizzly bear, but I know differently.

Bigfoot is brown, walks on all fours, has smaller than-expected feet, and has a large nose, much like a bear.

But it is not a bear, rather, Bigfoot.

Just like all the other proofs of Bigfoot, I present to you this blurry picture:

To find this and all the other locations we have visited, check out Featured Map for directions on how to get here.


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