Spencer Smith Park is conveniently located right off the highway.  It is a beautiful spot to see the lake, walk along the shore, and experience many events here.

The Burlington Waterfront Sculpture Trail is one of those events, and it is in its second season and runs until June 2, 2023.  I recently took my wife here as a stop since we both love sculptures.  

The location is ideal for art with the backdrop of Lake Ontario and with the free-access Art Gallery of Burlington across the road.  Also in the area is the Joseph Brant Museum, and it is within walking distance of Sunshine Donuts, which always has a great selection of flavours.  The downtown shopping core is nearby as well.

  • This mini-stop and all the other locations that I have visited can be found on my Featured Map.
  • Parking is an issue at Spencer Smith Park, but there are lots on the side streets.


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