One type of flower is considered elegant and beautiful, and as a gift, it can represent beauty, charm and love. At this time of year, orchid showings are in full bloom. Recently, we travelled to Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, where they were having their annual orchid event.

We are members of Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Garden, and one of the benefits of this membership is free access to numerous other gardens, conservatories, and arboretums. We get our money’s worth from this membership and have used it at many locations.

The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens orchid show runs until March 3rd. It is the longest of the orchid shows that we attend. 

Southern Ontario Orchid Society’s Annual Show is held February 10 – 11, 2024, at the Toronto Botanical Garden. 

The next one at the Royal is on February 24 and 25, 2024.  

There is nothing more beautiful than an orchid in full bloom. See for yourself at one of these showings.


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