Once again, we are on another road trip.  This time, we have a three-day weekend corresponding to Friday the 13th.  What better place to be on this spooky day than at the center of American folklore, Sleepy Hollow!

We will begin our adventure on Thursday night, right after work.  We set off to our first stop, a hotel halfway between home and Sleepy Hollow, New York.  On Friday the 13th, we will enter this iconic town and begin to experience many great Halloween-themed events and attractions.  

Once we finish with Sleepy Hollow, we will explore the fall colours and visit many waterfalls in this region.  There will be many opportunities to see nature at its best.

Places that we are seeing include:

  1. Washington Irving’s Sunnyside
  2. Kykuit
  3. Philipsburg Manor
  4. The Legend Cirque
  5. The shopping downtown core of Sleepy Hollow
  6. Saugatuck Falls Natural Area
  7. Weir Farm National Historic Park
  8. Lasdon Park
  9. Buttermilk Falls
  10. Dingman’s Falls
  11. Raymondskill Falls
  12. Buttermilk Falls State Park – a different Buttermilk Falls (a very common name)
  13. Lower Falls – Enfield Glen
  14. Lucifer Falls
  15. Deckertown Falls
  16. Shequaha Falls
  17. Aunt Sarah’s Falls
  18. Seneca Mills Falls
  19. A more!

To view the itinerary for this trip – no background images.

To view the itinerary with background images.


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