I have wanted to take Charlene to Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail at sunset for years.  It is odd how something like this has been so hard to plan.  

It is a two-hour drive to this location that overlooks Lake Muskoka.  Huckleberry Rock is just a tiny segment of the Canadian Shield, the oldest rock on the planet – four billion years old, predating almost all life.  It is considered by many to offer the best views of the region.

It is also stunning to see.  

Scheduling a sunset visit is more challenging than it should be.  Sunsets are a daily occurrence.  There is a very predictable sun setting every day, but seeing it can be challenging.  When we plan to watch the sunset, we are outside an area that offers a great view.  After all, why watch it if it isn’t dazzling?  To see a sunset, it must be on a hill, by a lake, or even a tall building.  We are not usually near one of these, so when the opportunity comes, we grab it.

We love watching the sun, but there have been several occasions when we find the perfect spot, but the weather is less than perfect.  Clouds roll in, or it becomes too windy or cold or some other thing that ruins a good plan.  This was what happened this weekend.  I planned to tour north of us to see the fall colours at their peak, and the last stop of the day was to climb Huckleberry Rock and finally see the sunset at the best viewing spot around.

Once again, the weather played a part in changing my plans.  September 2023 has gone on record as the driest September in a lifetime.  All of a sudden, every drop of rain that was missed in September was now going to fall on this one and only weekend when I had plans that needed a clear sky.  It looked like we were going to miss this opportunity again.  

Fretting over the weather, I saw that this day’s rainstorm was ending and that there would be some clearing in the evening before the big deluge coming the next day.  Frantically, I began planning a rapid evening trip.  We would travel right after both of us finished work, drive to a waterfall we have seen in every season except fall, and climb the Rock before going home.

The plan went off without a hitch.  We enjoyed the waterfall, had a quick bite to eat and discovered why everyone likes the view from Huckleberry Rock.  We also found just how popular it is and that the parking lot was full when we arrived.  Many people have heard and seen this view, and seeing all the cars reassured me that what I heard was not an exaggeration.

Climbing the trail was relatively easy.  A steady incline upward.  Initially, we did not find the best viewing spot, instead opting to explore the rock.   Glacial striations were very evident on this rock.  For much of where we were walking, the view was blocked by the trees.  Then, we found a path that opened up, and we stayed to watch the sunset.

It was perfect.  We could see for miles.  Several others were in the area, also admiring the sight and site.  We stayed for much of the sunset, only leaving because a big cloud ended it prematurely.

I would love to see this place in winter and plan to go here.  It is one of those places where the view is going to be amazing no matter the time of year.  It has much repeat value.  Seeing a large natural setting has a settling effect on the soul.

  • Ample parking
  • Free to visit
  • Path to the top is relatively easy
  • Lots of picture opportunities 
  • 60 minutes at the site
  • To find the directions to this location, check out the Featured Map for this and many other places we have been to


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