Obviously on such long road trips we listen to a lot on music. Charlene can be heard singing along to the songs and as anyone knows, the last song has a tendency to get stuck in one’s head even when it has long stopped playing.


Charlene is singing away this tune by some country legend about divorce but I am perplexed why she is singing it as it was not on our playlist.


I am confused, bewildered, baffled. I had just taken her to the Haileybury House which is the largest house in Canada that never got completed for some reason. From the pic, they got pretty close to being finished but it lays abandoned.


From our vantage point, we did spot an opening in the fence but also signs saying no trespassing, so for me, the decision is very obvious that this is as far as we can go.


Why is Charlene still singing this song? We have been having a great time and I thought that she loved seeing houses of great grandeur.

I finally asked her what is going on with this song of hers and she is rather disappointed that we didn’t ignore the signs forbidding trespassing and crept through the fence to get a closer look. I informed her that if we had been caught, it would have been a night in jail.

If I really loved her, I would have allowed her to go further, so D-I-V-O-R-C-E she sings back to me.

Again, jail, I remind her.

Not believing me, she looks it up as we are going to the next destination. Speaking with great authority, Charlene tells me that it is only a mere $10,000 fine and that we wouldn’t be in jail for the night or at all and that ten thousand bucks is worth it if we got into the place and had a look.


Now I know this, I need to be more careful in where I plan our trips because the price tag is going to get rather expensive really fast!!!!

To find this and all the other locations we have visited, check out Featured Map for directions on how to get here.


Husky the Muskie

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