Okay, it is a rock garden: just rocks and one statue thingy.

I know, it just rocks—boring rocks.

But it’s not boring when you get to think of it. How are rocks made? How they come to be. What are they made of? The history involved in these rocks. The uses of rocks. When you start to look at rocks and think about them, rocks are cool. Really cool.

Charlene and I discovered the joy of looking at rocks and looking for rocks when we went to an amethyst mining site where we could dig up our own collection of rocks and take them home.  Before this moment, rocks were just rocks.  Now, we are ever watchful for rocks of different shapes, colours and textures.  

Haileybury is home to the Haileybury Rock Walk.  Here is a collection of large rocks of various types.  Most people will overlook these and think nothing more than them being plain old boring rocks.  But take the time.  Gander at these large stoney masses, and you may also discover the thrill of finding rocks of all types in your travels.

To find this and all the other locations we have visited, check out Featured Map for directions on how to get here.


Husky the Muskie

I love mini-stops.  These are places where I put into our itinerary when we are travelling.  Generally, it is a quick stop to look at something, snap a picture, and away we go to the next destination.  But sometimes, a mini-stop turns into something bigger.…

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