Stepping Stones Falls is an excellent “Mini-Stop.”  I like these mini-stops because they are a great way to stretch out, see something new, and break up a long drive. 

At this mini-stop, there is a dam with artistic and architectural value.  Unlike most dames, this one was made to look beautiful.  Plus, the sound of the water is fantastic.

Also, this easy-to-access location, only a five-minute, casual walk from the parking lot, has a sad reminder of the lives lost by drunk driving.

To find this mini-stop, check out Featured Maps and use this as a rest area on your next travels.


USS Wisconsin

When planning my Virginia Beach road trip for March Break, I noticed many military bases. In fact, the campsite that we were staying at warned us that there is an active base beside it. During our stay, we would hear helicopters, jets, and other loud vehicles.…

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